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Our Story

namelesspace was founded in 2007 by Avihay Haim. Graduating & working in The Netherlands for 5 years inspired avihay to bring home the european design approach of creative concepts, bold designs & close customer relations. Our work is very (very) versatile and our team is multi-disciplined mainly because we believe that the “big” picture should be viewed and shared by all! Our aim is to deliver the best, beautiful, an in-depth work while having fun doing it!

The studio keeps close ties with the academy world, teaching interactive design & UXUI since 2012.

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What We Love To Do?


We believe that good branding is the foundation & eventually true asset of a company (small or large).


Stationary, cataloges, exhibitions or packaging we love printed material (we love trees as well).


We create pixel perfect, tailor, custome & up-to-date web & mobile designs!


User experience is always on our mind, we design to make their life easier (or at least funner)!

our team